Welcome to the studio

Siolo Thompson is a Seattle based writer and illustrator known for her clean, minimalist prose and realistic renderings of the human figure and the natural world.

Born in Apia, Western Samoa and raised in a mishmash of places including Bolivia, Peru, and various American cities, Siolo's unique fiction and illustration work is shaped by her travels and studies. Siolo is a weirdo with a background in comparative literature, a six year stint as an x-ray and angiography tech, experience in commercial kitchens, years as a bartender, hostess, waitress, deck hand, stripper, model, feminist publisher, martial arts teacher, bit part film actor, and medical translator.... her art is as diverse as her life experience.

Siolo Thompson's work has been featured in national and international exhibitions, on book covers, in magazines and literary journals. She is the creator of The Linestrider Tarot (2016), The Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle (2018), and the upcoming Otherkin Tarot (available in stores 2019) all published by Llewellyn Worldwide.  

When not working in the studio you can find this eclectic artist roaming around the mountains, swimming in strange bodies of wild water, tucked away in a cozy library, or maybe in the kitchen whipping up something absurd from a 19th century cookbook.