scrying ink lenormand


It all started when...

I found myself shopping for a Lenormand deck that I could connect with. I wanted something simple, but still beautiful enough to hold my artistic eye and as much as I appreciate vintage illustration, I was not interested in a deck that featured collages of things cut out of old books.  The deck I created endeavors to present this time honored system with a contemporary and artistic edge. Lenormand is most frequently read using simple playing cards, the guide book that accompanies the Scrying Ink, will explain the playing card correspondences as well as show beginners how to get started in this system. My hope is that seasoned practitioners and those new to Lenormand will both enjoy this deck and find it easy to access.

The Scrying Ink Lenormand Deck Is availble as an app via Fool's Dog Tarot or can be purchased in my web store as a box set.